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  1. Do you reach your calcium RDAs? Not an insult, I am myself an 811 wannabe.
    Just sincerely curious? If you do, which greens and how much of them do you
    eat? Lovely video, by the way!

  2. @airheadLana …..(cont’d from earlier) dont have that issue so our calcium
    needs are much lower. RDAs are set in conjunction with the food industry
    and are not a reliable measure for health. In calcium studies, many
    indigenous groups thrive on less than 300mg of calcium a day. I play it
    safe and set my target at 600mg per day, I find this easy to reach with my
    fruit and large green salad 😉

  3. @airheadLana Calcium deficiency is mostly cause by calcium loss from the
    body and not because of too little calcium in the diet. The Harvard Nurses
    Study on osteoporosis covers this and shows that the countries with the
    highest dairy and calcium intake actually have the highest incidence of
    Osteoporosis and bone issues

  4. @starkhechara It’s funny that the RDA’s for magnesium, zinc and the
    vitamins are well below RDA. I think there’s something going on to push
    calcium over other minerals and vitamins. I took a Government backed
    nutrition community course and was told because of the food diariesI kept
    there was not enough dairy in my diet because my diary intake was limited
    to a few yoghurts a week as I used soya milk instead and was intolerant of
    cheese then.

  5. That food group wheel is the most annoying nutritional tool I’ve ever seen
    and it’s also been adapted for vegetarians (though not vegans as cow’s milk
    is too important to be left off it) and for ethnic groups such as Hindu
    Asians. Try using a different grains other than wheat such as buckwheat,
    quinoa and millet and you get called into question. It’s supposed to be
    wheat first, then oats and lastly rice according to Government dietitians;
    they don’t deserve to be called nutritionists.

  6. @lemsip I studied Nutrition at degree level and we did an entire module on
    how diary is not deisgned for humans. We also never used RDAs because of
    their bias toward the junk food industry nutrient profiles. The Gov
    nutrition courses are bad aren;t they, I know someone that started one and
    then left in disgust. I know people that have had community health training
    of one day and they have been taught to tell type 2 diebetes sufferers that
    diet has nothing to do with it!! crazy!

  7. It’s the people that the course attendees will be working with on a
    voluntary basis or as part of their job I feel concerned for most. Being
    told to eat lots of bread as carbs are good for you forgetting that too
    much bread = too much yeast and baked beans with a baked potato is the
    ultimate healthy lunch even if you have it every day and if you don’t fancy
    it then you have no self discipline. Oats should only be taken in as
    porridge and not muesli and oat cakes no substitute for bread. lol

  8. Can you maybe recommend resources people can use to educate themselves
    about *actual* health food? Books (80/10/10, Fit for Life, natural hygene
    books etc) or sites would be muchly appreciated! xx

  9. @D3clanb Yes good point honey! will do! will have to start making vids with
    endings and credits etc, am new at this VLOG lark so am still learning how
    it all works :-)

  10. can’t believe how healthy you look – your skin is radiant – thanks for
    posting the vids – more please – take care x

  11. @GoVegNoww B vitamins are actually abundant in fruits, in a typical day I
    get between 100%-300% of my RDAs for ALL B vitamins. There’s not enough
    room to write everything I eat in a week but I will make a blog post about
    it soon. What nutrients have you heard of that are supposedly not in
    fruits? I eat 3 tsp of flaxseed daily for Omega 3s and 1 brazilnut daily as
    it is the highest source of Selenium in the world

  12. Modern society is ill…exactly! The meat and pharmaceutical industries are
    the ones telling us we should be putting these into our bodies. Listen to
    your body. Not the media. This is not extreme..it is natural and obvious if
    you use your brain and take your health into your own hands.

  13. if you supplement the soil with B12, like how animal feed is supplemented
    with b12 so non-vegans can get b12, then the plant will take up b12 and
    hence you will have it in your diet. The key is growing your own fruits and

  14. Factory farmed animals need supplements because they are sick and in
    despicable conditions. Normally a cow or chicken would never need B-12. Put
    them 40,000 in a barn or stockyard and feed them poor forage, then they do
    need B-12 and a lot of other vitamins too. PS I do grow my own organic
    fruits and veggies. But they are not a reliable source of B-12.

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